Skagway, Alaska – Day 73 (Aug 30)

From Haines, we took the ferry to Skagway. In one day we toured the town and drove the loop road back to the Alaska Highway. We stayed overnight at a pullover and then headed toward home in the rain.

The Ferry to Skagway

For $170 we took our camper and Tahoe to Skagway on the ferry. It was a one hour trip and the shortcut saved us many hours of driving – plus it was an exciting new experience.

On the ferry
Neat stuff to look at on the ferry
Passenger “A”
Passenger “B”
Passenger “C”
Partners in Crime and Adventure

Skagway –  Tourist Heaven.

Skagway has 1,000 residence and 900,000 visitors each summer. There were three mammoth cruise ships in the harbor when we were there. The downtown is a few blocks long and a couple blocks wide, so you can imagine what the sidewalks looked like when we were there.

Skagway sidewalk
Skagway Streetcar
Skagway Downtown and Cruise Ship
Skagway Hombre hangin with the wrong crowd

Skagway has an amazing gold rush history – at one point it was the largest city in Alaska. It was also the setting for Jack London’s “Call of the Wild”. Many of the storefronts and the general feel of the downtown still maintains an aura of days gone by. The main clue that breaks the spell is the extravagant jewelry stores, which seem to be 30% of the business.

Route 3

Route 3 is he only road to Skagway. It goes over White Pass and ends at the Alaska Highway near Whitehorse. Rt. 8 at Carcross is a shortcut going east to the Alaska Highway.

High country on Route 3


All this rain has to go someplace.


One last look into Alaska at the border. We didn’t look long – it was cold, windy, and raining – time to get back on the Alaska Highway toward warmer weather.