The End of the Great Alaska Adventure Road Trip: The Canadian Rockies to Montana – Day 77-79 (Sept 3-5)

From the start of the Alaska Highway at Dawson Creek to the Montana border is 690 Miles. We took 43 east, 40 south, 16 to Jasper, and 93 south to the Border. We stayed overnight at the very nice city campground at Grand Cache and the overflow parking lot near Lake Louse in the Canadian Rockies.

It rained every day – of course. There were some clear moments to photograph in the Canadian Rockies – although some of the photos here were taken by keeping a plastic bag over the camera until I pushed the shutter. Even then, rain smeared the lens and I often had to wipe the lens and try the shot again quick before the next drops hit. The atmosphere and rain drops on the water gave an interesting look to some of these shots.

Wetlands near Jasper
Reflections in the Canadian Rockies
Athabasca River
The Classic Canadian Rockies Scene
I would never have got this shot without my new Alaska Boots!
Stormy weather in the Canadian Rockies
100% Pure Canadian Rocks
Fresh snow in the Rockies
Just a hint of fall

A Final Summary

It was labor day weekend  in the Canadian Rockies. I have never seen so much traffic there. After many weeks of wilderness, the masses of humanity, noise, and stress of competition on the roads was overwhelming. We both were ready to get out of the car and stare quietly at the wall for awhile. Our senses were overloaded from a VERY long stretch of scenery viewed through busy windshield wipers.

This was the first time on our trip that I got a serious case of scenery burnout. The brain can only process so much before it goes into pause mode. I have found the best cure for scenery burnout is HIKING. Hiking allows the brain to be entertained and busy at a “normal” level of sensory input. Your processor can keep up, and rest when you rest. Too much extended driving time through scenery will eventually overload your senses and you will feel “bored” even in the most beautiful place. In the rain, we drove constantly with few times to hike. By the time we pulled in the drive at Chad and Sally’s, we were ready to quit traveling. I haven’t even drove through the Bison Range since we have been here. Believe me, when we start home to Ohio, we are taking our time and stopping often to hike.

We drove over 10,000 miles above the border. We were gone 79 days. (This is not counting our time to, from, and in, Montana). This was the adventure of a lifetime for us. I never dreamed I would actually get to do this. It is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It is going to take me a good while to process all this and readjust to our normal daily life.

Thank you for going along with me. I have enjoyed your company. A shared experience makes a larger experience. I appreciated the comments on Facebook, even when I don’t usually respond unless it is a direct question.

I will probably maintain a sporadic blog when something happens in my head, even if I am not going anywhere in particular. If you know me, you know how full of words I am, and this allows me to blow off steam before I explode from the internal pressure. I will post a notice on Facebook when I post a blog. KEEP IN TOUCH!