Dawson Creek at last! – day 74-76 (Aug 31-Sept 2)

It was a long, wet, cold, drive down the Alaska Highway. Not one clear day the entire length. We felt a sense of accomplishment when we got to Dawson Creek at the end. I am elated that we had the opportunity to drive this road. It has been an adventure – but once is enough. I have too many memories of health problems, camper problems, car problems, and weather problems – not to mention the huge amount of time and money it took. That is all part of the adventure of The Alaska Highway. If you ever get a chance – DO IT!

The end of the road – for us. We missed Dawson Creek on the way up, since we took Rt. 37 instead.
Our rig at milepost zero in Dawson Creek. We are amazed we made it through in one piece…sort of.

The Northern Rockies

The only place on the entire road that I would like to revisit is the stretch through the Northern Rockies in British Columbia. That was my favorite spot – but it was all obscured by thick overcast and constant rain while we were there. I also liked the stretch near Haines Junction, around Kluane Lake, and along the Alaska Range.

A wetland in the Northern Rockies
Alaska Highway through the Northern Rockies. Note the new snow on the peaks. A couple days previous, it snowed on the road at the Pass. This is our reminder to keep moving south.
A very mellow, clear river in the Northern Rockies. No time to cast for a grayling – but there are some large ones in here.
The high country in the Northern Rockies has numerous flash flood gravel beds like this one. For miles, it looked like a huge bare gravel pit along the road. I wanted so bad to hike up one of these canyons – probably not a good idea in the rain -although this geological formation is a result of spring floods, not fall rains.
The mountains were obscured and it was raining too hard to take the camera out for long – but the foggy atmosphere created an intriguing and mysterious place that I will always remember.
Our last fond memories of the Alaska Highway as it wandered along beautiful lakes and rivers through the Northern Rockies.

After Dawson Creek and The Great Alaska Highway, we went through the Canadian Rockies and on to Montana. That will be the next and last post of The Great Alaska Adventure Road Trip of 2016!